Star girl

I’m a painter, a film making , a photographer and illustrator. I never thought I would be all those things at once. I keep trying to find a perfect mix for all at once and to be honest there isn’t one. Jaws Blake is a ball of Plato rolled together. Blues and yellows and reds and purples all mixed up in the best way. My heart lets me know what to focus on at the time. The passion lets me know when I’m done.  Love is my compass.

My hero. Frida-Kahlo-Quotes-2

That is how I feel. I tried to be this painter that I read about most of my life and in that I against my brain found happiness.They tell us artist are sad moody people and in some ways we are but we are so much more. The inspiration is about passion and heart.

My coffee mug is full to the rim with ice, coffee and my fears of failure but when i drink it away it’s just a mug  and in me is the chance to make a new beautiful thing. My children are in the thousands and they are of paint and ink. IMG_2623.JPGAlso I may have forgotten and dipped a paint brush in there. 🙂

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