I remember when I was around 10 I stopped sleeping soundly.I would wake up in the middle of the night after hearing a loud sound in my dreams. I would sit up to look around afraid and then see a shadow in a corner hiding under the covers until morning. Somewhere between the crack of light until the covers and having to get up for school I would fall back asleep for maybe an hour. That off and on has been how I sleep now minus the hiding under my covers. I got older and stopped being afraid of shadows. Now I walk around my house with the cat or read articles as I dream Sleepy Tea. Sometimes it works out and sometimes I’m mostly awake for a day until my mind gives up and I’m asleep mid-day. It can be fun like a game you give yourself out of boredom and the rest of the time it can be hell. I never perfected a way to make sure I go back to sleep quickly.

Normally I just paint.

IMG_3807.JPG Goose, when she was a kitten, thought it was a game but as time goes by she looks at me from her comfy spot and gives me a “good luck with that” glance.

I would love to tell you it is my art mind planning so loud it hums me awake but honestly, I still have no idea what it is the drives me awake at the time when the world is asleep.

I wonder is this what Frida dealt with in bed for years. Counting the moments until the rest of the world woke up?



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