Black and White shots

I really think I have found a true love in photography. It has this magic to it I think I was looking for in outside forces. It lets me make art and capture true moments in it.

All these little art bits sit waiting for you to take them home.


Roll of beautiful film

Art feels like love via lens.

I remember being a kid with a 24 shot camera. Running around making burry rolls. It was beautiful and crazy and in many ways perfect.

meu braço esquerdo é imaginário

Lots of prints and paintings to add to your home here.

Always making

Forever youths

One day they’ll be free and run the insane asylum.

I made a poster

Scan.jpegDahlia the Destroyer link

Beautiful in any room. These matte, museum-quality posters are printed on durable, archival paper. She is a Goddess.

also check out the rest of my works.

A morning of shots

The more you feel the more you are.


So much muchness to add to your homes from my art.

Cone free

She is done with the cone of shame. Never seen that old dog so happy. For those who don’t know, Mon stepped on a nail and had the be coned for it to heal. 2 weeks have gone by. She is running and jumping and playing. It is very sweet.

I picked her up 12 years ago and she has been at my hip ever since.