PF 747

Webs weaving into memories of paint and crows. All the times in my life seem to know mixing of the paints in muscle memory like when I would make cookies with my mom as a kid. It lives in my mind in a third person ways. I see this little big-haired curly kid sitting on a tiny chair in a sky blue kitchen mixing chocolate chips into a red plastic bowl. I burned my fingers on an old stove and learned that Winter that I could paint with watercolors at age 4. Much of me found the peace of my mind in the soft paper soaked in water.


Painter Files Podcast ep 21

His name was/is Glenn Arthur.

Busy making

I try to practice my craft everyday.

Painter Files podcast ep 20

I always find my words in these podcasts. I’m so quiet in a lot of life. I love to paint in my head rather than slow down and be a part of everything. I must look crazy to most people but it makes me happy. I figure the idea is to find what makes you so happy.

I hope this finds you well and the photos are from this week in my studio. I loved this week’s end.