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life at almost 37

My journey into the dark started with colors. The dark I speak of is my mind. Painter has this quality to it that lets you make what ever you can dream up; so you have to challenge your self to look so deep in yourself that you hit bottom every time. I build pathways to the sea bed back to the surface and then plant seeds for new concepts. It leaves me swollen and scared in a good way. Plant a tree and feed a forest. The roots are strong and powerful but not meant to last longer then a few lifetimes of paintings. Maybe a few hundred paintings and then a new tree has to be planted on top of it. Madness, beautiful madness.

she grows in colors and concepts.

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Always painting

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a few links to get to me more of my works.

12 of 12 ​​

So I’ve had the photography bug in me since High school. My first job was I worked at a theme park in NC/SC. I developed a lot of films and took tourist photos.

The job was not amazing but I found it to be kind of brilliant but to structured. I’m a child of chaos as you well know.

I just walked around for a few weeks and took the shots that jumped out to me.

I just love how they turned out.

Weird but beautiful .

odd angles and lighting.

The book is coming a long. It’s harder to finish then I imagined a second book would be and I have a few commissions to do this month.

Check out my stuff, when you get a chance.

And watch my video from last week.

life on a paint brush.

Found this old gem.

Raptor from Jaws Blake on Vimeo.

So much to see in the old days of painting and making films.

My favorite video when I was 35

little bits of my on YouTube. Cut and pressed into boxes.