Art reflex

There are these moments when you just want o make things and your mind is kind of blank. That is when I hone my reflexes.

Life is too short too not make things all the time.

A glue stick and a magazine pared with a thick tip pen can you from madness.

Painter files podcast ep 90


So I’ve been sad. It has taken a huge chunk out of me. I don’t really wish to elaborate. Just know I’m ok and I miss my Marley. Many people have had Marley’s. Mine was all mine and then wasn’t. It is a black hole. Painting fills it.

Season finale of Painter Files Podcast


Painter Files Podcast

The change you want in your life you often have to make. Sometimes you have to protest and sometimes you have to burn shit down. Sometimes it’s the harsh reality that no one will make a space for you. You have to create one. People will fight against you making your own space so fight them the hardest.

Never be sorry for making your space in the world.

You are worth it.

Black Lives Matter

Painter out