Busy making

I try to practice my craft everyday.

PF Podcast ep 13

Pf PodcastIt’s almost Inktober. I’m working on a few things to start posting every day. 

Pf Podcast #3


I love making this Podcast.

Deep in the painter woods


So much of all I do is mixed in with the culture of my surroundings. My neighborhood on the right day is so flavorful. The food smells are almost sexy. There is this food truck across the street from my studio and a Bodega next door.  The languages dance across the streets at stop lights. I love how kind everyone is. It has this 8 fit feel to it from my big bay window. IMG_3021IMG_3420IMG_7286

impossible people

Catching up is impossible.

I see all these great storytellers spinning webs. It is beautiful and I worry I’m more visual. So I make my films and my paintings. I hope they are fun or at least pulling you like Cthulu.I feel like causing madness could be fun at first but sucks as the decades go by. Not a great superpower for the long term.

So I have been making like crazy and dancing between art locations.