Another 24 shots

I’m still learning my voice in photography. I know I really enjoy macro but my subject is always random. I’m working on it.


Always something beautiful in a blink

I think I’m chasing a moment of peace and madness in my work. It’s that chance you get in making where the world melts and your focus is 1000%. It’s almost impossible but it’s the heart beat of my creative process.

Rest is for the plain and plain is not sexy.


Q and A

Got asked a style question tonight.

My feeling on style is “it will come to you when you are no longer looking for it.” I remember running around like a headless chicken trying to be like everyone elese I thought had the best styles. They were this gold moon hanging high above me and then one cocky afternoon I saw the trickery in their style. How the had mastered drawing their own face in both genders or how the have let them selves daydream in their work. My life changed a few years later when I learned to love how I made things. How I practiced none stop only to see how I dropped my hand in a curve and used my shoulder was the right way to do it. How I needed to go bigger to balance my mind with my hands.

I hope that helps.

I get a lot of color questions too.

“How did you come across your color theory ? ” Is a frequently asked question. I read a lot of books on color honestly in college and then reread them out of college on my own at the beach in a very depressed state and it pinged inmy mind. If you swint; looking into the sun you see tons of colors… all the colors. Let that be your guide. Also walk away from art soem times and start soemthing new for a few months or if needed years and then come back to it. You will see something amazing in your work. Time can be a bandaid for self doubt.

Last tip; numbness can be the beginning to work you love. You will not wake up everyday and feel inspired. YOu might even makea bit of work and at the end feel nothing. It’s more normal then you think. Inspiration is not an infinite coffee cup. It needs time to fill it self back up and it doesn’t fill back up while ou watch it being emty.



Bom Dia

I was walking my dog this morning at 6 AM. She is old so when she needs to go, we get up quick. As we are out walking in the grass I hear this music cut the silence and it’s this music from Ethiopia. Trying to describe it as a polka with an African twist doesn’t feel right but it sounds right, you know? The world is funny with how things sound like others and then in that, you wonder where it originates? Random thought while the world sleeps.

I’m studying the work of W Eugene Smith today. His work is so powerful. He was a wartime photographer in the mid 20th century. He hated the war and worked for Life magazine. Life magazine has inspired a huge part of my visual Rolodex.

It’s not so much the image but the feeling it gives me with the eyes. I love the power of eyes. Maybe that is why I paint them first. A bad set of eyes tank a painting for me. It’s not so much the image but the feeling it gives me with the eyes. I love the power of eyes. Maybe that is way I paint them first. A bad set of eyes tank a painting for me.

I’m in this spot where I’m setting up for the show with my tags but I don’t feel like I’m making anything artist. It is a pang of impossible guilt because I know if I start something now I will not finish my project with the tags.

Side notes,

The 6 of 30 book is coming out in the Summer.



little waves in the bathtub

I got asked by one of my best friends “what made you change your style a few years back from Luchadoras to surreal forms?” The hoest answer how so many reasons. Some I’m still figuring out.

  • No place public to hang them
  • people love them but are nervous about having nude paintings.
  • I got bored not painting faces detailed.
  • a critic hurt my feelings.
  • a lot of critics hurt my feelings.
  • I didn’t expect it to last forever doing the same thing over and over again.
  • I wanted to change.

It’s so strange to recognize in my sleepy mind why things happened. But I guess that is how looking backwards works? You see past the hurt and the bullshit at some point and that raft floating in the bathtub is truth.

I don’t know as my star rises that I will follow any rules of respectability. I feel like I will make a space to do what ever I want and the show what ever I come up with. I’ll put out books and paintings and paint walls of things I have never come across in my mind until then. I hope you will still be arond in that journey.

the sleeping world happens at all hours.

for some

A link to pick up some of my prints, paintings, and other merchandise.

I find it easier to pull myself outside of my worries on Sundays by being outside at the local farmer’s market. The smells of fresh foods is a pick me up.

Parts of clay pigeons

This life has plans for me.

And I have plans for it in return.