Buffalo kiddos

If we get nothing from all of this than know you are not alone in your pain. We are here for you.

The ghost fish

One page and a full story.

Kid named Miguel was walking in the woods late at night. He ran into a ghost that wanted his face but he fought it off with a powerful relic, a moose antler covered in spirits. He wiped it around his head until a giant appeared and chased off the ghost. It mumbled a riddle as it left. “ human times living in quarters. Basic of earth moments and bone. Cored out of life and reflections.” As it flopped its way past Miguel it left a river in its wake and the stones became patterns like deep blankets. The fish , the hearts, the tears and ghost danced in the night light and Miguel sat back and reflected on his day by the river. He never forgot that day in Sligo Park.

The end

Tchau Galeras,


Black women and their hair

I made this painting a while back because a Black woman I know told me she loved my work but didn’t see her hair representation in it. I was moved and so I started working on bing more diverse in paintings. My goal has always been to elevate Black women of all sizes and hair and disabilities in art.