LAst day of the show party

I was given all the great blessing with this show. The last day up is Sept 8th 2019. Come a celebrate with me. I will be selling off a few new paintings and eating and drinking with the wonderful people of Takoma Park. Hope to see you there.

I love this show.

I would love to sell out this show.


Everything comes down Sept 8th at the party

Come and celebrate with me at Takoma Bevco. I love all these paintings but I really want to sell out this show.

Contact for pricing.

Crow licorice

Put a lot of heart into this one. Hope you enjoy. all paintings posted are for sale. Feel free to message me or email for pricing. I ship all over the world and make prints.



Always making

this idea came to me a few nights back but finding time in the heat is hard. You just have to force your self to make in the sleeping world.

Here are some links to my work for sale.


All the places we find ourselves

This painting is about displaced children in cages and how awful they must feel. I’m calling it “the misplaced displaced.” I don’t know what to do to help those kids other then scream and punch dumb asses and paint about it. Someone please help them. This has to stop.

Here are some links to purchase some of my works.



meu braço esquerdo é imaginário

Texture is life