Tou nem ai

All the little things. They place them selves on shelves. They see the world roll into each day and then night and then day again. Life must be the snow globe.

Tou nem ai.


Painter Files Podcast ep 55

Making this podcast is wonderful and I feel like I learn how to communicate better each episode. also the 6 of 30 is on its last day tomorrow!


my newest painting.

6 of 30 2 days left

6 of 30

Life is always moving and making.


6 of 30 last 3 days

Time to take chances with these shots. No one ever grew a tree under blankets. Gotta get up and go forward.


Painter Files Art Book

6 of 30 will be my next book, my second book. My first is the Painter Files. I put a lot of love in it and I really still want it to reach all ends of the world.

6 of 30 life in lives

A journey is the drift. The ocean of lives in a mixing bowl. 2 ares next to a T.