Hola Galeras

So I’ve been dealing with a lot this week so I just want to do something fun with you.

Color with me and share your plans for the year. I enjoy hearing your ideas. You minds are fantastic to me.

Manifesto de Pintor

Hola Galeras,
This will be my yearly address of intent for the ending. I’m often transfixed by the idea of many futures. Seeing all the paths can be my big roadblock. Too many seasons of ink come to pass. All the faces in ink shine in my mind. I can’t live in the white, the Murder begs to cover them.
So this is my manifesto,
I’m going to lean deeper into the ink and paint. I just don’t believe in the white anymore. I feel like it is an emptiness waiting for brushes, thoughts, and emotions to cover it. My big want is to make an army of paintings this year. To build upon the ink and make it my legacy.
How does that sound to you?

Painter Files Pequeno Podcast ep 7 “No AI ink”

Even less Ai art ink Painter Files Podcast

Back by popular demand! I shit talk Ai art some more plus celebrate great minds. Check out my links for the channel. https://linktr.ee/Jawsblake?utm_source=linktree_profile_share&ltsid=00344199-c9da-4f8b-a401-637da12dd181 https://www.gofundme.com/f/meaew-help-us-move
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