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Painter Files Podcast ep 94

Art on all sides Painter Files Podcast

Óla Galeras. Today we tell some art stories and talk with a special guest Hannah Cherry. It’s going to be a beautiful podcast episode. Enjoy
  1. Art on all sides
  2. In the time of match stick people
  3. Ink is art
  4. Life in the lights
  5. Dreaming of dead mice and Inktober

I love all of this podcast. I hope it reaches you well Galeras.

A little night walk / drive. The city is beautiful even without people.

Vidas negras importam

The little city

Love is the breeze as it whispers secrets to you about yourself and the world.


The town

It’s really a beautiful place. The edges are rusty and sun kissed. Home.

All parts of one whole.


Full jelly roll

Pick up my new poster.

Inkkingtober poster link