Love is…

Enjoy all the best parts.

Join the murder

For this win the know, A murder is three or more crows.

Also Inktober is a fun event painter and illustrators do to torture themselves plus candy. Join me in the candy and painting.

I’ll make all 31 of the illustrations as a zine soon after for the holidays.



Painter Files Podcast season 2.5

Dreaming of dead mice and Inktober Painter Files Podcast

Welcome back to season 3 of the Pfp!!!! I missed you and can’t wait to tell you all the things I have been up to.
  1. Dreaming of dead mice and Inktober
  2. The way we are.
  3. I miss you and some much muchness to come in season 3.
  4. How is a Rose like a water ballon?
  5. Love in the time of a virus

A day out

People are people peopling

It is a hard time in America to be Asian. It has never been easy to be a woman and it has never been easy to be a Black woman. I did this painting to show how we all walk in the same places. In my neighborhood there are so many cultures living together. Three miles of Langley Park at a paint swatch of browns of every spectrum. They all are thought as “essentially workers”, which is to say they work in the world where the rich have them putting them selves in danger for convenience and mostly have no health care. We have the same struggles and we surf the same waves. People are people peopling.

Working really hard

I found myself digging deep to finish this painting. I’m around 75% done. It is an enjoyable idea.

Free the little birds

All done.

Very happy with this one.

New fall hoodies

They come in three colors grey, navy and black.