Witch queen

So I’ve been thinking of how to finish this one for around a month. She is a bunch of thoughts and plans baked into a pie. I feel like I nailed it, what do you think?

She is this madness, and it’s lovely. She is not done but she is moving in that direction.

Painter files podcast

Hola Galeras, I’m here and proud to tell you we are going back to a weekly schedule. I have so much to tell you about and is amazing. Let’s paint, meditate and talk about dreaming. It’s all connected in making art. https://linktr.ee/Jawsblake?utm_source=linktree_profile_share&ltsid=a3ed87ac-5585-4099-b0ea-d99fdc2992a4
  1. Proceed ink
  2. Expiring dreams and movies ink
  3. Stop Light ink
  4. Stop light ink
  5. Shake it out ink

Hola Galeras,

I feel like I’m running around my own tail( if I had one.) I have all these ideas I need to put down and get done. Catching up is the worst. Nothing ever seems to be enough. I’m honestly not sure how I will feel full other then to make constantly.
Either way I hope this new episode finds you well. I enjoyed making it.

Painter’s Breakfast

Hola Galeras,

Today I had breakfast tacos from Takoma Bevco. They were egg, potato, spinach. They kind of remind me Baliadas. I also got a watermelon water from Mela Water.

Here are a few links for the week.

Last episode of PFP. Ep 15

My favorite Seu Jorge album.

Painter’s Breakfast

Hola Galeras,

Hope you are well. What was your breakfast like? Was it good? Do you eat it a lot? Is it your favorite food?

I had this great big blueberry scone from Spring Mill Bakery in Takoma Park, Maryland. I also had this very great Watermelon drink from Mela Water.

Links of the week

Deep Cuts Comic Ep 1 “What it means”. It has this great 1920 New Orleans jazz vibe. It is one of my favorite story types. We keep meaning to go down there but just haven’t yet.

Janelle Monáe’s new song “Lipstick Lover” . Alec and I are jamming out to her new album singles.

My friend who is a great chef made it into the paper. Kaimana Chee. Kaimana is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. His food is incredible and he dances.