Do you know the World Snake?

There’s a bit of Norse mythology about a creature called the world snake. It’s inspired me quite a bit recently when I hear about it?

So there’s this giant snake that wraps itself around the world and it’s so big, really fascinating it makes up the entire world.

I just love how it touches so much and it’s imaginary ongoing‘s in my brain.

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Meditation moments PFP

Pfp meditation Painter Files Podcast

My dog passed away so I’m taking some time off but I didn’t want to leave you wanting so I made a mediation for you.
  1. Pfp meditation
  2. The do over, 108.5
  3. Ink coffee
  4. Old house vibes
  5. A meditation moment
Try 14 free days of Skillshare.

It is a great way to learn skills and it’s a free trial.

Made a fun shirt

I often make these so I wear something fun and my loved ones can too. I wish you well in the week. Little joys are important.

They are silly but I really enjoy them. They say in Portuguese “the champ is here!”.

I just hope you have a good week Galeras.

The last roll with Mon

I keep overthinking our choice about our dog. If I had millions of dollars, what could I have done different and then I see the last photo and realize, nothing. I could have done nothing. She was 15 and sick and I loved her so much I did the best I could.

I welcome tips if you like my works.


My dog is sick

Mon is very old and sick so we took her to the vet. They said mostly “she is old” and then billed us. If you could purchase and it share this print with other, that would be a big help. My dog baby is 15.

Thank you very much for your time and your love.