Ocean of papers

The culture of paper is madness. I am a painter as you know. So much of who I am is a lover of paper. I remember in art school feelings almost a sexual attraction to huge canvases. Now I didn’t fuck canvases but I felt my blood excited and I would be on fire with creativity until 4 Am three days later. Those were the days of no sleep paintings. I love the madness.

Painter files podcast ep 28

always making


My cool girl gang got featured in The Washington Post. We have a rich style and love being Afro-Futurist. It’s really funny because we don’t make music but we come off as a band. A painter, a writer, a master of social media and a giant in knowledge beyond normal humans. They inspire me to look deeper. I am grateful for them.  Casey, Lisa, and Alec are the best. All on journeys all creating change. 28161417_10160039294925646_1113743591917432087_o.jpghttps://www.washingtonpost.com/video/c/embed/e59b11de-133c-11e8-a68c-e9374188170e

Life should inspire you.

photo credit Casey Nicole D

lost souls of DC

We are in search of our girls. They float in places watching over us to find them. A God’s finger searches the over world and under. No simple answers are the truths. The leftovers are the sisters, brothers, friends. mothers, fathers and families. The lost stars of DC, we are always in search of you. And to the stars still in the sky watching and wondering, we will protect you with all that we are. IMG_5158IMG_5657IMG_5992 2IMG_7983IMG_8127IMG_8454