Sometimes starwars

also in the must of working on this Chewie painting, we went to a amazing Hot Pot place. I love it.

who would have thought the best thing in the world would be soup? But honestly it is amazing. I always have found that food makes you want to look into cultures when it touches you.



Little parts working towards everything. It gets easier the more you get into the work and it is work.



Painter Files Podcast ep 61

The new podcast is up!

Life in the grey

Big thanks to Roscoe. My first outdoor photo shoot.

So much adventure in one weekend.


Painter Files podcast ep 60 my lemon bones—my-lemon-bones-e3ern8

A few shots

Painter files podcast ep 60

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Painter Files Podcast ep 60 – my lemon bones—my-lemon-bones-e3ern8

Time is a dance