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Hola Galeras, I’m here and proud to tell you we are going back to a weekly schedule. I have so much to tell you about and is amazing. Let’s paint, meditate and talk about dreaming. It’s all connected in making art.
  1. Proceed ink
  2. Expiring dreams and movies ink
  3. Stop Light ink
  4. Stop light ink
  5. Shake it out ink

Hola Galeras,

I feel like I’m running around my own tail( if I had one.) I have all these ideas I need to put down and get done. Catching up is the worst. Nothing ever seems to be enough. I’m honestly not sure how I will feel full other then to make constantly.
Either way I hope this new episode finds you well. I enjoyed making it.


Painter Files Podcast IDODM

This is the fun part of the year before the heat comes.

I Dream of Dead Mice was this idea I came up with a few years back that flopped. The timing was never right and ultimately I put it on the back burner. The quick explanation is, I will tell you about a dream I had and what I think it means. The twist for the next few episodes is that I’m going to watch a movie first that I loved as a younger man. Sometimes I’ll love the movie and other times the movie might not live up to my memory. We shall see.

I hope you enjoy Galeras.

Painter Out,


Painter files podcast ep 11 season 4

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