Painter files Podcast ep 57
Painter Files Podcast ep. 57


Painter Files Podcast ep 53

“Josephine my daughter in law” painting. This is the one I talk about in the “painter story on ep 53.–love-and-paintering-e2pbv3/a-a7gro4

If you would like to buy this painting. Here is the link.

Painter Files Podcast ep 51.5

this is one of my favorite podcasts I have ever done.

Painter Files Podcast ep 50

Check out my episode “Painter Files Podcast ep 50” from Painter Files Podcast on Anchor:

I finally finished this big 50 podcast. I love how it turned out and I hope you have a great week. What are you up to this Fall? Are you making, baking, building, drinking?

Makings/ Painter files Podcast ep 49

So oddly enough I’m not a master of marketing. I have been making prints of some paintings for a few years. magda-maria-raz-prints

Magda Maira print

I remember the first one I made and the last time I made one. There has to be around 20 different paintings. Some are great and beautiful and others are strong and powerful.

I think about the story of this one painting.

Painter Files story, I was in the mist of ….

I’ll just tell you in a PFP.

Painter Files Podcast ep 48

Salvador, Brazil



Painter files Art Book 2.0

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