Painter Files Podcast ep 50

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I finally finished this big 50 podcast. I love how it turned out and I hope you have a great week. What are you up to this Fall? Are you making, baking, building, drinking?


Makings/ Painter files Podcast ep 49

So oddly enough I’m not a master of marketing. I have been making prints of some paintings for a few years. magda-maria-raz-prints

Magda Maira print

I remember the first one I made and the last time I made one. There has to be around 20 different paintings. Some are great and beautiful and others are strong and powerful.

I think about the story of this one painting.

Painter Files story, I was in the mist of ….

I’ll just tell you in a PFP.

Painter Files Podcast ep 48

Salvador, Brazil



Painter files Art Book 2.0

Untitled design-21

Painter Files Podcast ep 46

Goose and Mon being the furry babies they are and a peak into my secret tumblr sketchbooks.

Join my pattern to see more.

Painter Files Podcast ep 35

So the food was really good and I’m glad I made it.

For the most part I love that we can talk while I make food.

Anike has some beautiful art you should  check out.


Alec is amazing as always.


Her latest article was golden.

Popculture Uncensored article.

My new painting is finally done and I feel good about it. I will feel great at some point.

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Painter files Podcast ep 44 -live like life

I find my self deep in the makings all the time. It gives me purpose in the darkness of the sleeping world.

Ar school taught me a lot but not how to fail before you start.


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Painter Files Podcast ep 42 Life

So much has happened since the last episode of the podcast. New paintings and new events.

The book is going well but I wish I had more reviews. Painter Files Art Book

My mind is happy with creativity but it is also my madness. Naturally.

Music, Books, and life. Enjoy.

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I'm glad you enjoy the podcast and if you like you are welcome to leave a tip.