deep night makings

Favorite part of making is when it hits you, you feel no pain.


Painter Files Podcast Ep 47


So this week on the podcast we talked about Alec’s podcast.


All roads lead to Batman podcast

Team Mongoose says “hi”.

Painter Files Podcast ep 46

Goose and Mon being the furry babies they are and a peak into my secret tumblr sketchbooks.

Join my pattern to see more.

Painter Files Art Book

Painter Files Art Book

Feels so weird to self-publish a book and sell 20 copies in just over 3 months. I just have to keep grinding and keep telling people to check it out. Special thanks to Roscoe for our talk it inspired me to talk bigger steps.

I love how much love my Galeras have given me. I did this for us.


Ever day is a drop in the bucket.

I’ll make an ocean one day.

Crowns inside down

cover_2Painter Files Art Book

Know that we are loved. Know that the heart is a muscle and the muscle is you. Know that when I started being a painter at age three it was only to draw the characters on the 80’s cartoon Transformers. Know that I see the world 20 years too early in the back of my left eye. The right sees visions of the past and possible paths. Know that all that I see on the canvas I dreamed about for five years.

Bit by bit, piece by piece and all it grows together. ‚ÄčAll the stars looking back seeing your sleepy faces and the Moon.

dream well kiddos,