Painter Files Podcast ep 55

Making this podcast is wonderful and I feel like I learn how to communicate better each episode. also the 6 of 30 is on its last day tomorrow!


my newest painting.


6 of 30

Life is always moving and making.


6 of 30 last 3 days

Time to take chances with these shots. No one ever grew a tree under blankets. Gotta get up and go forward.


Painter Files Art Book

6 of 30 will be my next book, my second book. My first is the Painter Files. I put a lot of love in it and I really still want it to reach all ends of the world.

6 of 30 life in lives

A journey is the drift. The ocean of lives in a mixing bowl. 2 ares next to a T.


the sleeping world

some times you just have to make.

The new painting

Outside of the 6 of 30 project, I’m still paintings everything.