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Frozen donuts

I remember when I was little it would snow all morning and the sun would melt it by 3:30. Mostly just be a bunch of wet. We would gather round the window in grade 2 excited thinking we would go home because of snow. It was like a super hero. Never really happened that way until high school. We all hated it. They made us take the yellow buses home.

That place was something special. Little bit of rain and the world almost stopped. Inch of snow the everything completely stopped.

I can always tell my dog (Mon) is from NC, she bounces around at the first sign of snow. It’s amazing. Though her love for it dies as soon as she touches the cold, wet snow. It’s very funny. Just an old dog rediscovering snow every year and figuring out she hates it.

This is my first time shooting 200 film. Never tried it knowingly. It’s a bit tricky because you need more bright days for it to work well. Hard part is it’s Winter in Maryland. Bright is not often the vibe.

The studio demons are the early morning vibes I find myself in at 4:30 AM some mornings. No plant is left untouched, nor mask or painting. it would be sweet it they were not so destructive at this age.

It just feels like I’m a work in progress these days .

Always making

Always making

Self portraits are like street fights. They fuck you up some what.

The future is… black

James Baldwin

They crack you open.


Make something cute? Why? What is cute? Honestly, what am I meant to think is universal cute? A puppy? No thanks.

It would be nice not to see the arrows coming over the trees but they still hit even if you can’t see them coming.

No puedo ser el modelo. I honestly just don’t want to. I have no use for staying in lanes. Some days I’m PG and others I paint X. It is the nature of the beast that I am. Wild and left in the cold to paint on the sidewalk.

Not sure anyone wants to be an idea. It is hard enough to be imaginary.
The best part of all of this is how much is undiscovered and reimagined.

No necesito que las piernas se metan en sueños.

Painter Files Podcast ep 97

Long live MF DOOM.

Painter files podcast jpeg Painter Files Podcast

Óla Gente, A quick reminder that this Winter season is hard and you are not alone. I love you and we will get through this together. Help is available National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255
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