Painter Files – What a week to paint and live.


The things

I rest in places where my head can fit in my hands with out blinking. Which is to say I do not rest for long periods of time and space. My mind captures all these ideas as they dance behind my eyes and then onto the page or canvas.

We are only still in blinks. The making s of loud voices whispered into dreams.

Naked to all the rest of the world and how we wish the books to end before we pick them up. The shower may be the most honest we are all day.



Painter thoughts

Óla my Galeras,

I’ve been thinking deeply since the virus hit. Making crazy art and trying to finish crazy art. The madness is strong. It’s the time available to spur my minds second thoughts. Madness.

The key parts I have understood in my process are to not take the inches as miles. The small moves are never noticed until you make 100 moves. So you have time to play around with colors and patterns and shapes. The love is in the details.

I keep playing with the idea of writing an art/ color/ texture philosophy book.

Color philosophy

And it would all come together from my mind into the book. Maybe it’ll be a lot of things together kind of like me. A mixture of cultures and ideas. A cake of makings.

What do you think?

Art reflex

There are these moments when you just want o make things and your mind is kind of blank. That is when I hone my reflexes.

Life is too short too not make things all the time.

A glue stick and a magazine pared with a thick tip pen can you from madness.

Painter files podcast ep 90