What is one word that describes you?

It used to be “random.”

As I was out of no where with a lot of stuff. As time goes by I think I’m black hole sized ways.

So now I say the word is “lucid”.


Hola Galeras

I think the funniest part of being a West Indian Afro Latino man is all the ways we celebrate cultures. We have a lot of Asian traditions. This is one of them. South America is a huge mixing pot. Ever since I was a kid we celebrated Chinese New Year with my cousins from China. That one day got me into iron teapots and lose tea leaves.

I feel this deep connections to my culture in the simple traditions. Somos todos uma pessoa. (We are all one person.)



I really just enjoy books and YouTube

What movies or TV series have you watched more than 5 times?

I have such a hard time watching tv. I don’t have the attention span. I have been embarrassed about my ADHD for a long time and I’m learning to love myself better. I daydream if I sit still too long.

Books work better for me. My mind goes everywhere. I fall into worlds and then I paint the things I see sometimes.

Movies in theaters sometimes are fun. It’s hard for me not to walk around with a sketchbook.

I mind is fluid. Like outer space.