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The silent moments are the sound of a record spinning in the darkness after it has finished all the inner circles

Live in the paint and love in the ink.



Learn color theory

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

When I started my art career I was really in my twenties. I was stubborn and silly and knew everything I was ever going to know, so twenty. Very silly. I always had a brush in my hands since age 4 but I never saw it as a living until I was 23.

Living at the beach with nothing to do I started reading all my art books again. It all started to make sense. It had to be books I had sense I was a little guy with chickenpox. Silly things kept in unsearched pockets.

My advice as a silly 40 something now is don’t just collect good books, read them too. That and don’t trust shrink wrapping on an art book.

That and lastly, be nice to yourself.

I love you… me.

Hi. Óla

So for those who don’t know I have been sick with COVID. Most of this roll is from before I got sick. If you want to see lots of exclusive fun stuff, you should join my Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/posts/78644829?utm_campaign=postshare_creator

Hope you are well. I miss feeling up to posting. Hopefully that will change soon.

Love you Galeras,