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Hola Galeras, I am here and so are you. Thing talked about in weird artista ways. Lots of it. My links Artisan Wellness Project – The Covered Market
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  2. I came to leave scars ink
  3. pequeno zine
  4. 4x pequeño
  5. Lil pequeño


I go in these walks everyday to reset my mind.

Sets me up for the day. Helps me clear all the negative energy I start off with from the night before. It is inevitably. The weight of the last day is handcuffed to me. I do my best to free it before I wake up in the morning. Recharging the battery.

These broccoli things are everywhere. And they litter selfishly. 😂

But I enjoy basking in them. New day and new adventures to learn from and paint about at night.

A great share from my Patreon.

Hola Galeras,

I have spend a long part of my career trying to share my culture with my inkings. I found some great art films that I enjoy that I would love to share with you.

Ms. Davis

I hope you enjoy and find knowledge in these parts.