Early morning photography

They are simple but I do love these work bench shots. They just have this quality to them that grabs me.

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The fall mix tape 2021

Very long time ago my friends just to make mistakes and stuck with me. I really love how these turn out. I hope as you go through this songs it inspires you to dance in the moonlight with a mug of ice cream.

a new roll

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Trying to get back into my film with the same passion I felt before Mon. Slowly coming along.

The last roll with Mon

I keep overthinking our choice about our dog. If I had millions of dollars, what could I have done different and then I see the last photo and realize, nothing. I could have done nothing. She was 15 and sick and I loved her so much I did the best I could.


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Always making

There is a time in my life where all I could see was where it’s gone and not where I was going. It wasn’t that I was blind so much. I was just so busy reliving those moments over and over and over again in my soul that I couldn’t , that I couldn’t even be in the present anymore. It was heartbreaking. I’m still not really sure how I kind of ricocheted out of all these things .

I swear to you, I know the reds, blues and yellows, they saved me. Made me whole again. The textures and the patterns in the patchworks moved the stars for me.

Children of earth print

I love how this turned out. It just feels beautiful and powerful.


It’s been a long time of making but I feel complete with this one.

Working always

Always making 4/2/21

This life is kind of funny.

I’m in a constant pain in my back and neck. It has set with me for years now. Things lessen or dull it but. It hung stops it. So I have to focus to let my color pallet sing out of me. It’s coming.

I sit at my window and look into the stars. All the inspiration comes and I’m dragged to my feet with brush in hand. It is my night time dance for almost 40 years. Life is a record spinning round and round.

Thankfully I found a great artist years ago named Lora Zombie. She started as the fatalist of this painting. And like all my works it evolved.

Always thank your sources kiddos, it means more than you think that they know they are seen.