Today’s adventure

We wanted to get out but not be with people so… Carwash!

I’m going to be developing for the first time with film from my Lubitel 166 camera. I love how it looks but it freaks me out at the same time.

Painter files podcast episode 81

The city feels so empty right now. It feels like the sleeping world in the daylight.

My birthday is in 2 days, so March 18th write me a message.

Under the metal sky

If you can see it then you never unsee it.

I’m learning so much about my style of photography. What I enjoy after a shot and before it’s taken and how I want it to come out. I love black and white and textures so much. The closer the better.

A metal world

A scrap yard in a bottle.

Simple but a universe inside each one.

I love that shot the most.

Some metal monster’s lunch.

Fish bowls of humans.