Find me by the water
my toes cold from the edge of the wet

the pinky toes resting the eyes of the next painting on my mind

best part of making
toys of a child

the brush is too honest.
The action is the riot.
I don’t feel the “cash money word.”
I am never the DJ from Do the Right Thing.

I am the tool of the paint and ink
never the narrator as it happens
but the narrator as it ends
post motion
The soul of me wants to rest in a pure ocean of fluid making.


Black and white 22

The road is endless and yet there are no stones. No pebbles to be lost in shoes. The socks are patched and the boots are cobbled. Rest and be the rain.


Maker of Black and White America

I missed seeing so Black and White photos. Maybe a little yellow. It’s funny how a good photo gets better in B and W.

How goes it on your end?

a murder, a sticker and a dog

It’s a funky weird set but sweet. I think Mon is hating being a subject of interest. She grumps at me in all of these.

Are you doing anything everyday this year that’s new?

Thinking of times

Óla Galeras,

I think I’m going to make three photos a day.

The world just seems to ask for more of me and I will answer with more.

The book is fleshing out. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Tou nem ai

All the little things. They place them selves on shelves. They see the world roll into each day and then night and then day again. Life must be the snow globe.

Tou nem ai.