the maker

Sweet like honey in my ears. Slowly leaking into me. Much painting to be made.


This season is my favorite but it is also the bringer of depression. There is something about the cold and orange in the trees that brings so much colors out.

Makers madness

Building and making nonstop and taking vitamins. And a murder.

Painter Files Podcast Ep 47


So this week on the podcast we talked about Alec’s podcast.


All roads lead to Batman podcast

Team Mongoose says “hi”.


All the signs say to fight for what I believe in.

So I’m going to figure out how to make a fund for DACA money. I’m not sure who to talk to to get it started but I know how I want to raise the money.  I’m going to have a group show and we will create and sell art. The money will go to legal help and renewal fees.

I think I may have found my new direction, and that may be to help people with my art.

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Little littles

Making has this quality to it that is truly unmatched. Something about creating with your hands that just grabs hold of time and melt the ends of existence. You meld with the creativity.

Love is the paint and your eyes only see the colors, future ,past and present.