Painter Files Podcast ep 51. Vote for art programs!

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I wheel of makers


I love how these rolls turn out. A few random shots.  Life is art and art is voices in time.

Gina the Firewalker print

I made a print years back but I still love it.

It’s inspired by a tattoo artists I knew back in my surfer days who liked to walk on hot coals at parties. She would drink way too much and teach people to fire walk. It was cool but crazy at the same time. She had like four jobs but was never short on cash or Whiskey.

Gina the Firewalker print


I made these back in the day when I was doing punk rock pin ups with a Luchadora twist of lime.


I never got tired of these.

Do you want me to do some more of these in the future?

Eu sou maker.

I find my self living in the ink again. Fighting a cold but to stubborn to call it a day because the art is in my mind hard.

muchness in the eyes of he Moon

this was a great roll of film.

IMG_8176IMG_8177IMG_8178IMG_8179IMG_8180IMG_8181IMG_8183IMG_8184IMG_8185IMG_8186.JPGIMG_8187 3.JPGIMG_8188 3.JPGIMG_8189.JPGIMG_8190.JPGIMG_8191.JPGIMG_8192.JPGIMG_8193.JPGIMG_8194.JPGIMG_8196.JPGIMG_8197 2.JPGIMG_8198.JPGIMG_8199.JPGIMG_8200.JPG