The dream of the dreamless is empty of fear. Meet my mind on the other side.


Painter files podcast ep 28

always making

Painter Files podcast ep 20

I always find my words in these podcasts. I’m so quiet in a lot of life. I love to paint in my head rather than slow down and be a part of everything. I must look crazy to most people but it makes me happy. I figure the idea is to find what makes you so happy.

I hope this finds you well and the photos are from this week in my studio. I loved this week’s end.

New Paper on the Painter Files Podcast Ep. 10

A groove hits the chills on my skin and the world fades out. Just me a canvas and a brush, yah know? I don’t know that anyone gets that feeling as much as I do. I Daydreamed that scene from the movie Strange Expectations, there is this part where the painter Finn gets these large ….giant canvases and paints all these images that have been living inside him and is suddenly mentally free to feel everything he has been too busy to free. I feel a lot of adulthood is so busy you just don’t go on all your adventures because of a leg set of ideas that you can’t make real. With this paper, I feel so free and I can’t wait to make these ideas so I can make completely new ideas where space will be. Art Adventures.

Self Portrait 2017

I’m always mking. It’s not just my saying. It is my mind. The need to create is always there…..every minute of the day and it plays in my dreams.