Hulga shots

I think these are the last shop tool shots I want to do. I have this idea of a narrative I want to create with my rolls from now on. these are my bits from the new painting I’m working on.

I just love these color photos I did yesterday.

The life is on

Waking with the sun

My studio feels alive and so it wakes with the sunrise.

Little organisms dancing in the daylights.

Round and round

Film is so stunning and moving. I will never stop understanding the power of developing.

Painter files podcast ep 75 Fat city was next door to a ghost town

6 of 30

The project is turning my brain around after 3 days. I’m seeing shots I could take in my daydreams. I guess I might make a book or add these to my next art book. Either way I think I’m enjoying the conversion of my imagination and the concept of the 6 of 30. Hope you have a happy New Year. Feliz Natal!