Painter Files podcast ep 20

I always find my words in these podcasts. I’m so quiet in a lot of life. I love to paint in my head rather than slow down and be a part of everything. I must look crazy to most people but it makes me happy. I figure the idea is to find what makes you so happy.

I hope this finds you well and the photos are from this week in my studio. I loved this week’s end.

Painter Files Podcast ep 19 (The day in the woods)

Paint, medicate …sleep…E dificil pra caramba

Painter Files Podcast ep 18

IMG_3985.jpg“The Universe giving birth” painting.

In this podcast: my fun painter madness comes to a lovely and polite podcast (I hope), our art adventures, strange but helpful books, trying to be a better person to my self, feeling proud and hopeful. Plus: all the stuff I’ve been doing lately…like painting and self-help work. 


Things I’m dig
∆ Comics
∆ Yoga in the morning or tea
∆ Frannerd videos
∆ Started to listen to again Celia Cruz
∆ Thinking about all the great advice I have been given this week

On my reading/watch list:
Side Hustle (from idea to income in 27 days)
Little Boxes on Netflix


Painter Files Podcast ep 17

There is this place in my mind where all these art history facts live and as I get older the facts are more about my art history and that excites me. It’s simple and beautiful and fun and hungry in a few ways.

I do wish I had done more with my brushes in my twenties.




Painter Files Podcast ep 15


Home again. Home again…..ting ting ting.

The adventures found me this week and I lived.

I went on a trip.

I never imagined my life would feel so good after going to my hometown for a few days.

I was not born in Charlotte, NC but I grew up there. It was hard at times but the best friends I have known in my life are all over the world so this is the third chapter revisited.IMG_9147.jpg

Got’ta see my old buddy Ryan Wilson. It’s been around 12 years since we last got’ta into conversations. It was like we left off and started back up again the minute we saw each other. It is going to be one of my favorite memories for a long time. The best Halloween I have had in forever. To add to all of it I was graced by Ryan’s art on my leg. If you are in Charlotte, NC or close to NC go see Ryan for amazing tattoos. Divine Arts Tattoo is a lovely shop, reminds me a saloon.19601545_1367363866704894_1250613794937763321_n