24 gudak

the funny bit about photography is not all shots turn out viewable. So two where black because I forgot the lens cap was on so here you are with two replacements.

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Round and round

Film is so stunning and moving. I will never stop understanding the power of developing.

Painter files podcast ep 75 Fat city was next door to a ghost town


Seeing the sun undressed.

Let the sun in and greet her with a hot cocoa.

I’m finding it important to do little rituals in the mornings. They just start everything right.

The cats do it, the dog does it, why not me?

I enjoy the chaos of creativity but maybe I’m out growing that lost feeling? I think so.

meet me in the sleeping world next to the tire swing.

Working in a circle

I see the sky above me and the land below. The people are like the trees.

Arte is my word from now on.

I love how Black and White grabs so well. Out of these I only like how three turned out but I like the number six more.

The style feels like it’s coming through. Like I’m starting to have a vision of what I enjoy in my photography.

It’s weird to love black and white pictures and hate black and white paintings. It just feels half done with paint.

My plan one day unrelated, is to start an artistic movement in my time. Change a generation. We shall see…