Impossible tings

I have found myself living inside of my head, more so.

I made a list of things I would love to do but saw at some point maybe even now improbable.

1. Paint a 100ft mural in South America.

2. Make my own designer plastic toys.

3. Become a full time painter.

4. Build a greenhouse when we get a house.

5. Only speak Portuguese for a year.

6. Only eat fresh farmer’s market foods everyday.

7. Make art on the moon.

8. Retire my family all at once, together off my art.

9. Make all my own animation for my videos and make money from it.

These are not all impossible, most aren’t even hard to start doing. I guess there is a fear of failure and a fear of how expensive that failure would be. So I dream out loud and circle them on my calendars and planners.

I think I can do some of them this year. Mostly the Moon one. 🥰🫀

We are only stopped by our mind’s limits. I want to think it’s all a lucid dream. The ocean is my metronome.


Working really hard

I found myself digging deep to finish this painting. I’m around 75% done. It is an enjoyable idea.

Painter files podcast ep 90

Painter Files Podcast

The change you want in your life you often have to make. Sometimes you have to protest and sometimes you have to burn shit down. Sometimes it’s the harsh reality that no one will make a space for you. You have to create one. People will fight against you making your own space so fight them the hardest.

Never be sorry for making your space in the world.

You are worth it.

Black Lives Matter

Painter out

Painter files podcast ep 83

I’ve been working on my art book mostly and trying to stay sane in all of this.


I’m closer

My age is rounding out again. It happens to me as it happens to you I guess. I’ll be 38 on March 18th. So I ask of you until that date with a humble heart to buy prints and books from me so to send me out of my 37 years with a bang. Will you do me the honor of add my art to your places that you roam?


POC h20 print

I love how excited I am to start this new project. Pick up this print to help me on my way.

This video doesn’t exist

Hulga shots

I think these are the last shop tool shots I want to do. I have this idea of a narrative I want to create with my rolls from now on. these are my bits from the new painting I’m working on.

I just love these color photos I did yesterday.

The life is on