Busy making

I try to practice my craft everyday.

Deep in the painter woods


I am but a man with a brush.

I am but a man with a brush. I dream and sleep. I’m good at both if I may brag? A lot of that art comes from dreaming. The lucidity of waking up and running to a pen and paper is my shining achievement.

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The crown of feels

Finding focus in the new year.

I had to stop watching the news for a few days to find my focus. The newspaper I feel has more heart to it. Being able to put it to words has a strength to it, a passion. I remember being a kiddo and finding these “choose your adventure books” in the 80’s. After I would finish them, I would feel superpowered with creativity. I would draw all the things I had imagined, most had nothing to do with what I was reading. It’s funny to read a dictionary and imagine a new comic book.  To see a new world inside and to be able to make it a real thing.


Deep Sleepers

Once there was a boy and he loved paint. It was all his heart wanted and then he met people and he became a time painter.


Deeper in the inks video


Ela e’ poderosa (she is strong)

It’s hard to not be effected by the news. I’m a 34 year old black man. I am deeply effected by the effects of my people dying everyday via police. You may have your feelings about it and you are welcome to have a calm chat with me in the comments if you want. I painted this for all the mother’s out there who are trying to be strong in the face of a very wild and unsure world.

Art is about giving so many fucks you have to make it into a new thing just to get it out of you and the world sees it raw like a nerve.

Painter out