Painter Files Podcast ep 21

His name was/is Glenn Arthur.

Painter Files podcast ep 20

I always find my words in these podcasts. I’m so quiet in a lot of life. I love to paint in my head rather than slow down and be a part of everything. I must look crazy to most people but it makes me happy. I figure the idea is to find what makes you so happy.

I hope this finds you well and the photos are from this week in my studio. I loved this week’s end.

Painter Files Podcast ep 17

There is this place in my mind where all these art history facts live and as I get older the facts are more about my art history and that excites me. It’s simple and beautiful and fun and hungry in a few ways.

I do wish I had done more with my brushes in my twenties.




Painter Files Podcast ep 15


Home again. Home again…..ting ting ting.

The adventures found me this week and I lived.

Painter Files Podcast ep. 15

Have fun with my new episode. Leave a comment.

deep makings


I’m a strong believer in curse words. It just feels like freedom. I love the word fuck. It is such an amazing word and conveys so much. I kind of want one day when people ask what my style of painting is fucking painting. I’m a fucking painter. I feel it in bones of my fingers that scream me awake at 3 AM as I wonder the hall in our condo with the cat.

Painter Files – King Finger


These Papers are made in the deepest part of the world. I feel the freedom moving pasts my fears.