Painter Files Podcast ep 29 Music moves me.

WHUR John Blake


Prince, Outkast, Benjamin Booker, Nina Simone, Ben Harper, Frank Ocean and Lolawolf.


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Painter files podcast ep 28

always making

Painter files Podcast ep 27

PPFthis should be my book cover.

Everything is everything

I make to feel connected to the memory of her spirit. I see her in a divided timeline. IMG_0701 2IMG_1061IMG_5115IMG_6515IMG_7711I love her stance.

no lifeguard


got no time to be your lifeguard.
Drowning used to be my game in the dark nights. The Silver Fish danced to the blindspots only to kiss a finger as I slept on an old futton. The bed was too good for a soul with stains like mine. Sad daddies of children with no birthdays. I see the baby hairs in the corners of my eyes as I sit in empty rooms dreaming of clicks and emails. I can’t be a lifeguard, I’ve been swimming me entire life in lakes made of Milo. West India of the Western world calls out to me.

“B da truff,” is the voice of the wind. I found her name in the sleep at the edge of my inner eyes. She is hard but soft, kind but stern and alive and yet never born.


Madness in the paint drops.

Painter Files Podcast ep 25



The artists in random order.


Frida Kahlo

Toyin Odutola


Music by Japanese Breakfast -Road Head



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Mars the phenomenal

A million moments in one night.

Friends of friends of friends of lovers. The empty is the moment the bag hits the floor and the door closes to the night. Hard pressed to see more than the seconds of running, smiling and the little deaths. Teens on Halloween, the parties, the drugs, the troubles and the makeup on banisters. Midsize red and white finger paint on lips and clothings.

IMG_0741Her smirk is the open books that say everything and then nothing all at once. Her costume is the run on sentence of the mind’s eye.

Mars the phenomenal.

Little of me remembers that years smells but the touch of the cold on the tops of my arms is an unshakeable souls shiver. The parts that make all I run into mentally a cliff edge.

IMG_9979 2Long live the hearts.