Bring the colors

feels like they are alive in the moonlight. The best part of all the creating is the creamy waves the paint leaves on the canvas in the beginnings.

Paint is power and motion. Blowing and breaking all things and time in creamy gorgeous pigments.

it all starts out clear and then flexes into love. a small army of paints from Arteza.

Small thoughts wonder into painting like “do artist get sponsored by paint brands? I’ll have to ask around.


Painter Files Podcast episode “Skeleton Bob”

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Painter Files Podcast 2.0 “skeleton bob”

here are some links to merch and paintings for sale and my art book.



Painter Files Podcast is coming back!

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Special thanks from Painter a Files Podcast . Season 3 is coming—Season-3-is-coming-e4hsrb

The things are all rolling right and I must keep moving forward. I love that silly podcast and some of you do also. So I make it for us.

Being mindful

It’s so easy with everything up in the air to forget to be kind. Not in a you have no manners but in a go out of your way to do something nice for yourself and other people. some times the journey is to just get to kind moments. It’s the journey not the destination to focus on. You will get there when you get there.

Always something beautiful in a blink

I think I’m chasing a moment of peace and madness in my work. It’s that chance you get in making where the world melts and your focus is 1000%. It’s almost impossible but it’s the heart beat of my creative process.

Rest is for the plain and plain is not sexy.


Parts of clay pigeons

This life has plans for me.

And I have plans for it in return.


Little parts working towards everything. It gets easier the more you get into the work and it is work.