Painter Files Podcast ep 30


I love you all and I want to thank you for this first season of the Podcast. Season 2 will be back March 25, 2018.

Next season we bring amazing changes brilliant ideas and concepts.

I found my voice by the water.




Dear Universe,

I would love to paint a wall that isn’t mine with some of my illustrations. I would love to have my work in magazines and newspapers. I don’t know how to get these up so I’m asking for help. I paint these beautiful illustrations people love and I feel if more people saw them I would be a famous artist. I sit on this edge of a pin and if the wind blows right I can fly.

anyone looking for a mural or even wanted to buy my art I can be reached via this guy.



Painter Files Podcast ep 29 Music moves me.

WHUR John Blake


Prince, Outkast, Benjamin Booker, Nina Simone, Ben Harper, Frank Ocean and Lolawolf.


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Ocean of papers

The culture of paper is madness. I am a painter as you know. So much of who I am is a lover of paper. I remember in art school feelings almost a sexual attraction to huge canvases. Now I didn’t fuck canvases but I felt my blood excited and I would be on fire with creativity until 4 Am three days later. Those were the days of no sleep paintings. I love the madness.

Painter files podcast ep 28

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