As the world spins I paint.

What have you been up to?

Me? Painting… mostly.

The little city

Love is the breeze as it whispers secrets to you about yourself and the world.


The town

It’s really a beautiful place. The edges are rusty and sun kissed. Home.

All parts of one whole.


Full jelly roll

Pick up my new poster.

Inkkingtober poster link

Always making

Sumi ink is an act of love. I kinda hate the smell but love the end result. Layers and everything. Slowly building the worlds.

A day out

Working really hard

I found myself digging deep to finish this painting. I’m around 75% done. It is an enjoyable idea.

Free the little birds

All done.

Very happy with this one.

New fall hoodies

They come in three colors grey, navy and black.

The things

I rest in places where my head can fit in my hands with out blinking. Which is to say I do not rest for long periods of time and space. My mind captures all these ideas as they dance behind my eyes and then onto the page or canvas.

We are only still in blinks. The making s of loud voices whispered into dreams.

Naked to all the rest of the world and how we wish the books to end before we pick them up. The shower may be the most honest we are all day.