Painter Files Podcast ep 59

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So I’m working on all these pieces trying to cultivate a masterpiece. It feels almost impossible but the unattainable is the goal of all master artists. I feel like I’m learning so much from just doing these days and building in my mind as well. Nothing is my stopping point but me. There are hard steps but I’m choosing to walk into them with my head high and my shoulders back. There will be changes and reflexive reactions. the beast is my nature and my nature is the chaos of being creative. No soul knows everything but good planning leave little for mistakes and forgiving yourself to make mistakes painting leads to our right brilliant brush strokes.

This has been my Ted talk.



the studio just feels really beautiful to me right now. I almost don’t want to touch anything. The quiet before the storm. Chaos is a nosebleed that you feel coming and all you can do is ready yourself.

The making is coming.


Painter Files Podcast ep 58

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A half of my sandwich

I’m working on the podcast. So here for now a taste of today in a way visually.


12 of 12 ​​

So I’ve had the photography bug in me since High school. My first job was I worked at a theme park in NC/SC. I developed a lot of films and took tourist photos.

The job was not amazing but I found it to be kind of brilliant but to structured. I’m a child of chaos as you well know.

I just walked around for a few weeks and took the shots that jumped out to me.

I just love how they turned out.

Weird but beautiful .

odd angles and lighting.

The book is coming a long. It’s harder to finish then I imagined a second book would be and I have a few commissions to do this month.

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life on a paint brush.