PAinter Files Podcast episode 104

Pfp meditation Painter Files Podcast

My dog passed away so I’m taking some time off but I didn’t want to leave you wanting so I made a mediation for you.
  1. Pfp meditation
  2. The do over, 108.5
  3. Ink coffee
  4. Old house vibes
  5. A meditation moment

Always painting

Hard to get out of my funk so I’m working on past projects to finish them. So many.

It all feels easier in retrospect.

The week

As the world spins I paint.

What have you been up to?

Me? Painting… mostly.

Old feelings of Winter

I remember a time in my life when my great Uncle had a basement full of tools. It felt like a magical place I wasn’t aloud to touch. A museum of things. Timeless and scary a little bit. To many monster movies at age 7.

And some how it sat in my mind for 30 years as amazing .