More tiny dog walks and studio adventures.

Busy making all sorts of things.


Little road trip

Going places. Taking pictures.

A day adventure

It’s been super busy here recently.

So I went on a walk with a bag of toys and my camera.

Sometimes all you need to find your calm is your imagination.

A link to a few things of mine.



I feel like all of me wants to just talk with you. I don’t know you. I don’t maybe even know all of me but I’m searching. The path is the adventure and destination should be impossible. Goals are not finishing points but more lessons leraned.

We are the new gods of creativity. The whole point is to make a new world that is better then the one 60 years ago. Because that one was shit.

What kind of god are you?

other links to my work.

Made so much this week. It’s wild how much I can make when I really need to. I love how my inks flow.
  1. Ink is art
  2. Life in the lights
  3. Dreaming of dead mice and Inktober
  4. The way we are.
  5. I miss you and some much muchness to come in season 3.

Studio roll

I’m a lover of film.

Love is in the simple.

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22 shots

The weeks are blurring a bit. Cameras seem to be the best way to document my timeline. Groundhog day is reality.

Link to my other work and mercy. Please check out.


Today in rain

The day lives inside the moments.

Hulga shots

I think these are the last shop tool shots I want to do. I have this idea of a narrative I want to create with my rolls from now on. these are my bits from the new painting I’m working on.

I just love these color photos I did yesterday.