Studio time

The kids are all over my studio. But I kind of love the chaos for 20 minutes. Madness achieved.

Getting my new knee tattoo today. Going to hurt like hell. Jajaja 😂😂😂

Texture is life

Working in a circle

I see the sky above me and the land below. The people are like the trees.

Arte is my word from now on.

I love how Black and White grabs so well. Out of these I only like how three turned out but I like the number six more.

The style feels like it’s coming through. Like I’m starting to have a vision of what I enjoy in my photography.

It’s weird to love black and white pictures and hate black and white paintings. It just feels half done with paint.

My plan one day unrelated, is to start an artistic movement in my time. Change a generation. We shall see…

Fireworks scare my dog.

So I’m not a fan of the 4th of July for many of the reasons a lot of people of color are not. The main reason is Junetenth is when Black people got freedom in America around 100 years later. British freedom only counted for people who were thought of as American and not property. Also my dog is freaked out by fireworks.

So we don’t really do parades as much as we do fireworks and cookouts. I use the day to sleep and eat really good food that I don’t have to cook at other people’s houses. It is perfect in it’s own little way.

My favorite fourth of July food is Tamales.

So I took my nap and now I’m ready to get back to fighting the good fight to get kids out cages. Because we can’t celebrate freedom if we are not all free.

The day of the show

It’s 7 Am and the air is cool. A perfect day for an art show. I’m so happy and lucky to get these chances. Meeting beautiful and amazing souls. I hope to catch up with everyone at the show. Should be fun.

Also as a way not to go insane I took a ton of photos.

“relax Jaws …relax” is the voice in my head.