Full jelly roll

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Know me as a crow on fire.

Film has this perfect madness to it. You work and grind and never know what will happen. You see in the moments of your teachings and find yourself reflected. I feel loved in the efforts.

I’ve been living in dreams for so long I felt lost in maybes. That middle part where you are about to start something and yet haven’t Feels good to walk on the Moon again.

Find rest in the moments.

A day in the sun.

So much time to learn and the end results are showing. I have loved Black and White photography for such a long time.

PAinter files questions. Painter Files Podcast

What is your first art projects you remember as a kid? Painterfilespodcast@gmail.com
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A universe of moments and clarity is this thing. Like the moon it is a bison in the distance. Not sure what it is made of. Could be cotton? Only the silliest imaginary beast imaginable. A cotton ball with a cow face.

These things are the clouds in the sky distancing the roof from being fixed but also the world the roof exists in.

Something simple but golden like a piano.

The world in black and white

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