Painter Files Podcast ep 51. Vote for art programs!

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Found this old gem.

Raptor from Jaws Blake on Vimeo.

So much to see in the old days of painting and making films.

Always making

Cone free

She is done with the cone of shame. Never seen that old dog so happy. For those who don’t know, Mon stepped on a nail and had the be coned for it to heal. 2 weeks have gone by. She is running and jumping and playing. It is very sweet.

I picked her up 12 years ago and she has been at my hip ever since.

INktober day 15

I’ve changed it up a bit for Inktober and started working on a cmic I’m having fun with rather then random things.

as always if you enjoy my work and would like some art to have at home or even just to tip me, follow the links.

Always making in Inktober day 8

Silence is how you know I’m making. And I am always making.

Still working

IMG_6095 2.JPGShe is really coming along. I love how the painting is exploding outward with ideas.