Painter Files book

I am excited and fearful but all great things come from being a little bit of both.

Come and check out my new art book. It is one of the hardest and most beautiful projects I have made in 10 years.

PainterFilesPlease check it out, pick one up and tell everyone you know. It will mean the world to me.

Painter out,



Painter File

Making in Police states is hard, to be honest. Everything wants to pull you out of focus. We have so many great artists farmed from poverty but the rich are celebrated. You have to believe that your work will reach the world via none wealthy pathways.

To all my little painters out there, just know the world is waiting for you beautiful, imaginative artworks. I see you.


IMG_2246IMG_4901 2IMG_5047.JPG

Painter Files Podcast ep 36

This is known as the Inception episode because I’m 36 and it’s 36.

The artist I spoke of is Kerry James Marshall.

He is amazing. kerryjamesmarshallyoutubescreenshot.jpg

The 10ft beast is coming along nicely.


I have been playing around with a real design for my ink.IMG_6181

I have to redraw it flat to scan it but I think it will work.


Big congrats again to Jordan and Earl.

love you Galeras,

Jaws Blake



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Painter Files Podcast ep 35

The names in my podcast where :

James Victore


Nicole Dennett

Hannah Cherry

Augusten Burroughs


Kelly King


My works I’m in the mind of.

Special thanks to James Baldwin


Painter files podcast ep 28

always making

Painter files Podcast ep 27

PPFthis should be my book cover.

Painter Files Podcast ep 25



The artists in random order.


Frida Kahlo

Toyin Odutola


Music by Japanese Breakfast -Road Head



I'm glad you enjoy the podcast and if you like you are welcome to leave a tip.