Painter files podcast ep 72

I really love making these for all of you very much. Enjoy and leave a comment.


24 shots


I went on an adventure to Target. I felt inspired by some framed art.


The best parts of art has to be when you give yourself a changing pose to paint. It only really working when it’s self administered.

A few studio shots

I feel like this life is under water. A season of time cut with Thyme. All these flavors based inside one another and no cook time in sight.

It can be hard to be your own motivation.

no one feels the edge of over cooked like you do when creativity is over stretched. Inktober is a mixture of great ideas and will power sliced with madness and not always the good kind.

in my attempts to find clarity I walk places, like Chinatown. Old shops and wild smells. we shall see as I grow into new things. Some say the worst critics are self. I feel that is a half truth. I say it’s family. They build and break you with good intentions. just breath little Galeras. It gets easier and keep making always.