Deep makings

I feel like I’m on a journey. And a journey to find my true self none the less. I don’t know if I’m really looking for the sales anymore so much is the honesty and being creative. I just wanna make something so powerful that it touches people because I’m so passionate about it.


When I was a kiddo Galeras, I was told that people ate bush meat. It honestly freaked me the fuck out. But honestly it’s jungle food. They eat what they can catch. It’s part of the orginal humans. So like many of you I have been thinking about bats. I have been around them off and on in my life. Never ater them but I know people who have. South America has lots of different foods to McDonald’s. I always felt like bats are beautiful and kind of magical.

They all kind of are coming together with my medataion paintings. I feel pretty good about them. I feel pretty good about this.

I’m not sure if it will become a print but if you enjoy the painting I am selling it. I find it funny that people don’t realise I sell all my paintings and I do take tips. Every little bit helps.

tip the artist

Everything I make I make to share and often sell. All tips are welcome.




Little littles to bigs

a world of madness is the only thing I promise you in 2020. Enjoy or drown.


meu braço esquerdo é imaginário

Round and round

Film is so stunning and moving. I will never stop understanding the power of developing.

Painter files podcast ep 75 Fat city was next door to a ghost town


In a fog.

Who and what am I running toward with my art now? I don’t know if I’m going to be infamous museums but I have hope. I had this fear by talking about my nomination I was jinking myself. But I don’t know I believe in jinking.

Makes me what to fight the sky.

Gotta work harder and past even remembering any of it. Because the art is more improtant then the rest stops.


6 of 30

The mind has this part to it that holds flash memory. That moment when you see a thing and go ” I did this before”, and then forget. With 6 of 30 I want to feel like that.

Painter files podcast ep 28

always making

Painter files Podcast ep 27

PPFthis should be my book cover.

Everything is everything

I make to feel connected to the memory of her spirit. I see her in a divided timeline. IMG_0701 2IMG_1061IMG_5115IMG_6515IMG_7711I love her stance.