muchness in the eyes of he Moon

this was a great roll of film.

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Makings/ Painter files Podcast ep 49

So oddly enough I’m not a master of marketing. I have been making prints of some paintings for a few years. magda-maria-raz-prints

Magda Maira print

I remember the first one I made and the last time I made one. There has to be around 20 different paintings. Some are great and beautiful and others are strong and powerful.

I think about the story of this one painting.

Painter Files story, I was in the mist of ….

I’ll just tell you in a PFP.

Still working

IMG_6095 2.JPGShe is really coming along. I love how the painting is exploding outward with ideas.

Painter Files Podcast ep 48

Salvador, Brazil



Painter files Art Book 2.0

Untitled design-21

ink eyes and murders

2018-09-20 20:41:53.864

Rum in my blood
rum in my stomach
rum in the nude

Social media is the devil. It creeps.

Old eyes watch and whisper questions.
I am a closed eye of inks. No need for histories as the future is of paint and canvas the grows bigger than the skies. The sun is not the friend of the moon and murders I hang out with love the Moon. They dance bare skinked in the face of bonfires. Sweet and hungry for lusts of creativity.

My coffee cups miss the taste of Rum.

inks in eyes and coco butter kisses

2018-09-20 22:35:29.657

Painter Files Podcast Ep 47


So this week on the podcast we talked about Alec’s podcast.


All roads lead to Batman podcast

Team Mongoose says “hi”.