Relaxing roll of film

It’s the simple things sometimes that make you smile. All the extra is just extra.

And I want to wish my wife a Happy Anniversary!

New episode of the Painter Files Podcast

Episode 82 is up, enjoy

Painter Files Podcast Ep 23

Pf Podcast #3

I love making this Podcast.

Triple-eyed tigers on snow flakes

So much making. All this snow and hot tea….and whiskey in coffee cups.
These brushes live in magical imaginary cannons waiting to attack canvases with the violence of creativity. The best art I have ever made I felt like I was in a fight afterward. My neck hurt and my shoulders hurt and my gums bleed. It took me weeks to feel like I hadn’t been in the hardest fight of my life. I’m addicted to that feeling now. I really find that drug these days. I have to go bigger and crazier to get that high. it is my addiction.
Snow days are kind of perfect to put my body in a grinder of creativity. I have hours to make lines perfect and curve my shoulders in flawless hooks with my ink covered hands holding worn out brushes. I dream of my art table in the middle of a huge room surrounded by nothing so I can twist and move cross a huge heavyweight paper endlessly.

This art show is coming soon in April and I have so much to make and so little time. It will be great and hopefully painful.

,Painter out

All the makings

I make because I love. lol Sounds like pooping.


Deep in the inks

My first job ever I was  15. I worked at a theme park taking pictures and developing 1,000 negatives a day. I have always loved cameras as long as I can remember. My mom had a old camera with lots of lens and a rainbow thread shoulder strap. Still to this day i wish she would give it to me. I’m not even sure it would still work but it was just so beautiful.

I remember the day in college I learned I would have to take pictures of my own work. I felt really nervous mainly because I had so many amazing friends who were photographers and I didn’t see my self as one anymore. There was this theory i subscribed to that said “you are only one thing 100% at a time.” Naturally I outgrew that but it took me a while.

I have so many cameras now but my new one is my Holga.

It is a very simple camera but it makes me happy and I figure that is the point.