My first job ever I was  15. I worked at a theme park taking pictures and developing 1,000 negatives a day. I have always loved cameras as long as I can remember. My mom had a old camera with lots of lens and a rainbow thread shoulder strap. Still to this day i wish she would give it to me. I’m not even sure it would still work but it was just so beautiful.

I remember the day in college I learned I would have to take pictures of my own work. I felt really nervous mainly because I had so many amazing friends who were photographers and I didn’t see my self as one anymore. There was this theory i subscribed to that said “you are only one thing 100% at a time.” Naturally I outgrew that but it took me a while.

I have so many cameras now but my new one is my Holga.

It is a very simple camera but it makes me happy and I figure that is the point.


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