Us in ink


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6 of 30

Each and every path is a new way to go forward and backwards at the same time. I see the sky in the points of focus and it’s easy to focus on growth and not learn. The ocean of paper can throw you into the rocks if you are not careful.

Point your fingers to the sun and walk.

6 of 30 b sides

I never looked at myself so much as I do now in a camera. It feels like looking a fish eye on a cooked fish as it’s pointed at you on a plate.

The drug is my visions of completing this book in a reasonable timeline.

6 of 30


6 of 30

Midways are always the hardest part of any journey. The tip is the easy and the handle is when your done.


Painter Files Podcast ep 54

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Painter Files Podcast ep 54 6 of 30

Gonna be some great things coming this year. Life much like my art is maturing and becoming better.

Enjoy the episode



Strange time of sins the land of time and sand dollars. Neither with pay for 7 11 coffee cups. The art will be running late in 2018…no hearts broken in the ink.
Registers of muchness living in the gum to the mind.

the time machine

the new band
the start