I go in these walks everyday to reset my mind.

Sets me up for the day. Helps me clear all the negative energy I start off with from the night before. It is inevitably. The weight of the last day is handcuffed to me. I do my best to free it before I wake up in the morning. Recharging the battery.

These broccoli things are everywhere. And they litter selfishly. 😂

But I enjoy basking in them. New day and new adventures to learn from and paint about at night.


Make something cute? Why? What is cute? Honestly, what am I meant to think is universal cute? A puppy? No thanks.

It would be nice not to see the arrows coming over the trees but they still hit even if you can’t see them coming.

No puedo ser el modelo. I honestly just don’t want to. I have no use for staying in lanes. Some days I’m PG and others I paint X. It is the nature of the beast that I am. Wild and left in the cold to paint on the sidewalk.

Not sure anyone wants to be an idea. It is hard enough to be imaginary.
The best part of all of this is how much is undiscovered and reimagined.

No necesito que las piernas se metan en sueños.

cold open

A start

I was in the myst of my mind resting and made a toothbrush.

This all feels like an adventure I stumbled into. A planet made of islands. Two beans rolling into the sun on a scavenger hunt.

join the scavenger hunt.

I’m trying to reach out from the void and ship off cards, please join.

We went on a walk today in town.

So much going on, on a sunny day.

Also I developed a 24 roll today, so enjoy the Bike shop.

All in and all.




Find me by the water
my toes cold from the edge of the wet

the pinky toes resting the eyes of the next painting on my mind

best part of making
toys of a child

the brush is too honest.
The action is the riot.
I don’t feel the “cash money word.”
I am never the DJ from Do the Right Thing.

I am the tool of the paint and ink
never the narrator as it happens
but the narrator as it ends
post motion
The soul of me wants to rest in a pure ocean of fluid making.

Things and times

The thing about growing as a person is you only really see it after it happens a year later mostly. I feel in my new year of life I’m learning a lot more about control of my inner thoughts. I’m stopping from just arguing about the simple bits, “just keep making kiddo.”

Tou nem ai

All the little things. They place them selves on shelves. They see the world roll into each day and then night and then day again. Life must be the snow globe.

Tou nem ai.