cold open

A start

I was in the myst of my mind resting and made a toothbrush.

This all feels like an adventure I stumbled into. A planet made of islands. Two beans rolling into the sun on a scavenger hunt.

join the scavenger hunt.

I’m trying to reach out from the void and ship off cards, please join.

We went on a walk today in town.

So much going on, on a sunny day.

Also I developed a 24 roll today, so enjoy the Bike shop.

All in and all.



12 of 12 ​​

So I’ve had the photography bug in me since High school. My first job was I worked at a theme park in NC/SC. I developed a lot of films and took tourist photos.

The job was not amazing but I found it to be kind of brilliant but to structured. I’m a child of chaos as you well know.

I just walked around for a few weeks and took the shots that jumped out to me.

I just love how they turned out.

Weird but beautiful .

odd angles and lighting.

The book is coming a long. It’s harder to finish then I imagined a second book would be and I have a few commissions to do this month.

Check out my stuff, when you get a chance.

And watch my video from last week.

life on a paint brush.