24 shots

This is all really the in-betweens of paintings. I stay busy, nonstop.

cold open

A start

I was in the myst of my mind resting and made a toothbrush.

This all feels like an adventure I stumbled into. A planet made of islands. Two beans rolling into the sun on a scavenger hunt.

join the scavenger hunt.

I’m trying to reach out from the void and ship off cards, please join.

We went on a walk today in town.

So much going on, on a sunny day.

Also I developed a 24 roll today, so enjoy the Bike shop.

All in one..one and all.



A walk about

These places are the ebb and flow of creativity. The honesty of the machine going back to the ground.

Setting on the dead flowers of The Winter.

The journey is ever ending.

Rust is a fight to the death for them.

Be in the generations where my Avo walked. The sky and the Earth breathe each other in. The harps of the wind are little punches on the duck tape holding the bolts together.

We feel the sun and the laughter on the backs of our necks. Seeing who and where the rest of you are in the vanguard.

Find me by the water.

something about the rain

This city is beautiful even in the rain. The sky is so dark these mornings but the world has a sweetness after it rains.