Inktober 2019

It’s that time again that breaks the mind of many artists.

fear not life is yours to live and ink is my kingdom.

and so it starts…let’s see how long this one goes…

LAst day of the show party

I was given all the great blessing with this show. The last day up is Sept 8th 2019. Come a celebrate with me. I will be selling off a few new paintings and eating and drinking with the wonderful people of Takoma Park. Hope to see you there.

I love this show.

I would love to sell out this show.

Painter Files Podcast ep. 60 – My Lemon Bones—my-lemon-bones-e3ern8

I love how this one came together. It feels like I might be getting the hang of it.


Find me by the water
my toes cold from the edge of the wet

the pinky toes resting the eyes of the next painting on my mind

best part of making
toys of a child

the brush is too honest.
The action is the riot.
I don’t feel the “cash money word.”
I am never the DJ from Do the Right Thing.

I am the tool of the paint and ink
never the narrator as it happens
but the narrator as it ends
post motion
The soul of me wants to rest in a pure ocean of fluid making.