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Ink Summer abstract Painter Files Podcast

I went away for a week to rest and see my mom. I had a lot of ideas about life and art while I was gone. Here are a few. Also if you would like to support the podcast here are some links for merch.
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My first book called the Painter Files.

Also the ebook.

The book

I think I finally know what to illustrate in my book. Not sure what to write yet but it’s progress. it came to me while trueing a wheel at the shop.

I haven’t given up on my only painting what I photograph myself but I’m no longer against using visual aids.


Painter Files Art Book

6 of 30 will be my next book, my second book. My first is the Painter Files. I put a lot of love in it and I really still want it to reach all ends of the world.

Lives on pages

IMG_2139IMG_0455IMG_8146So much…so muchness 🙂 

If I was able to pause a moment it time to view again it would be the first time I wanted to do this art book. 10 does not chip away easily. There is nothing weigh less about making an art book. My hopes are that it finds you warmly and beautifully.

Everything in some way just as much as I made the book, the book kinda of made me.
On my best days of the book is how it feels. It should feel like a love song to the page. It should feel like a kiss in the winter.

Painter Files Art Book

Painter Files Art Book

Feels so weird to self-publish a book and sell 20 copies in just over 3 months. I just have to keep grinding and keep telling people to check it out. Special thanks to Roscoe for our talk it inspired me to talk bigger steps.

I love how much love my Galeras have given me. I did this for us.


Ever day is a drop in the bucket.

I’ll make an ocean one day.

Painter Files book

I am excited and fearful but all great things come from being a little bit of both.

Come and check out my new art book. It is one of the hardest and most beautiful projects I have made in 10 years.

PainterFilesPlease check it out, pick one up and tell everyone you know. It will mean the world to me.

Painter out,